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How to conduct a virtual meeting

Although many prefer face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings are a popular part of today’s business environment. It is important, however, to consider certain things when you’re conducting these meetings.

Etiquette is important during virtual meetings and should be considered, as it would be in any face-to-face meeting. This may seem clear, but many people think of virtual meetings as more informal and laid-back than face-to-face ones, which is not always the case.

Below you will find several additional tips that can help your virtual meetings go more smoothly.

1. Be prepared

Preparedness is critical when it comes to professionalism and helping a meeting run smoothly. When you’re gathering the content and materials for a virtual meeting, you should be sure to remember your audience – something that’s not quite as easy during a virtual meeting.

Make sure that everyone will be able to easily access the meeting by providing them with the correct access codes, URLs and call-in numbers. After all, a meeting with no attendees is really no meeting at all.

2. Engage participants

Although it may seem normal to jump right into the presentation, taking a minute to introduce participants can go a long way. This helps build relationships, and makes the meeting feel less rushed.

While it may seem cliché, having everyone give a little information about themselves, like their favorite food, or the high point of their weekend, could be a great icebreaker. It allows everyone to see the other participants as more than just a face on a computer screen.

3. No side conversations

Though you may not be the person on screen at the moment, it’s important to not distract from the goal of the meeting. Side conversations can distract someone on the other end of the meeting, even if they can’t see you. They also may be very distracting to the person who is talking and pull them away from the issue at hand.

There are many things you can do to produce a more effective and productive virtual meeting, and these are just a few of those. For more ideas, check out this Inc. article.