3 Best Cloud Services for SMBs

There are numerous cloud services available in the market that provide great cloud computing and cloud storage services to SMBs. These services vary greatly, depending on several factors, like the nature of services they provide, the platform they employ in delivering their services, the types of SMBs using their services, etc. We have come up with three cloud services that we think are among the top cloud services available today, especially for growing businesses. Let’s have a look at each one of these cloud services.


Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a great cloud storage service. Amazon Cloud Drive comes with Amazon’s customary reliability, flexibility and progressive technology, offering great cloud storage solutions at very affordable prices.

Easy accessibility, easy scalability, competitive pricing, and the availability of several price options for Cloud Drive storage plans make it one of the best cloud services for SMBs. Whether you want to access a few GBs of meeting minutes audio recordings, or heavy database files, Amazon Cloud Drive has a solution for you.



Box is among the best cloud services for storage. The most appealing thing about Box is its simple design, which resembles Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools. This quality gives Box a great edge over its competitors. Box’s tagline—Simple, Secure Sharing—is indeed true of the service.

Box offers two subscription plans for SMBs—a “business” account that provides 500GB of storage and an “enterprise” account with unlimited storage.

The cloud service allows you to create private folders. You can also choose to easily share files and folders with colleagues and associates by clicking the “share” button and getting a direct link to the file or folder. Thanks to its simple and clean interface, uploading files to Box is extremely easy. Just drag any file onto the browser window to start uploading it.

In addition to storage, the service also offer many applications, like Web Documents, Zoho. The cloud service offers an app for Apple, Blackberry and Android smartphones and tablets, which lets you use the service while on the move.


Windows Azure Cloud OS

Windows Azure Cloud OS is a cloud operating system by Microsoft—the leader in business software. The mere fact that the word “Microsoft” comes in its name lends it enough credibility to be considered one of the top cloud services, but we’re no snobs (or at least we don’t believe we are) when it comes to choosing a cloud service. Windows Azure Cloud is indeed one of the best cloud services available for businesses. Windows Azure Cloud OS platform comprises of several on-demand services hosted in at Microsoft data centers. These services are marketed through three product brands:

  • Windows Azure (an operating system),
  • SQL Azure (a cloud-based, SQL Server)
  • Windows Azure AppFabric (a collection of services supporting applications).



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